We have an announcement!!!!


But first… a little back story…

In August 2011 my husband, Adam, and I introduced into the world our very first beautiful little girl named Karily Summer and we quickly became the three musketeers. Karily was not planned by us but was obviously Gods plan for us. We’ve never known a love like that of being her parents. All of our focus, energy, and plans went towards this beautiful little gift from God. We’ve had five amazing years to explore the type of parents we enjoy being.

Karily gave us a purpose and fulfillment we didn’t know could exist in our lives. She has made every challenge an adventure and opportunity for us to stretch and grow not only as parent but as human beings.

We thought we were done. BUT WE ARE NOT.

Well… medical conditions due to my reaction to birth control coupled with the “one and done” mindset lead us to where we are now. Tubeless. It was the right path for us at the time. We do not regret our decision due to where we were in our lives five year ago. We just weren’t ready to continue growing our family.

Alas, about a year ago we felt a calling. A strong one. One of those you just can’t  ignore. We needed to have more children. (I was SHOCKED) God wants us to have more children. (Wait, What??!!?) For a while we tried to shrug it off as baby fever. Now, it feels less like our decision and more like what’s suppose to be. How crazy is it that at this very point in Karily’s little life, she up and decided that she needed a baby brother or sister. Darn kid. She has such a loving heart, I can only imagine the big sister she will be.

So we started the research. We followed our hearts in the direction we felt lead. We looked high and low, counted our blessings along with our options, prayed and found our match. IVF. IVF does exactly what my body can no longer do. Its a grueling process that we do not take lightly. You know what else isn’t taken lightly? The price tag. Y’all know a momma on a mission will find a way and with God leading our search we watched the numbers go from the $15,000’s to $8-10,000. If that isn’t something to celebrate and validate, I don’t know what is.

In order to do this we must swallow our pride (which is very difficult for us to do) and ask for financial help for our journey through IVF. We believe by that and asking for the love and support from those who are lead to read this is so worth it. The baby/babies will be worth it. We have done the testing and we were so happy to hear that we are the perfect candidates for IVF. It really may happen. I may really get to watch my husband father more children and shower them with the love and joy I see with him and Karily every day. We really may get to watch our daughter fall in love with a baby brother or sister and be the big sister she longs to be.

Our cycle begins in September 2017 at Fort Bragg, NC. We are currently stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY Army Base and plan to travel back and forth through the process to keep the cost as low as possible. We have plenty of options for free room and board thanks to our AMAZING support system during our two week stay. The plan is to transfer at least two embryos in case one does not survive. With this decision there is the possibility for twins. (OMG could you imagine that crazy blessing?)

One of my favorite sayings is “Be patient, just like a puzzle, it takes time for all the pieces of your life to come together” 

With that in mind… here is our proposal. YOU ARE A PIECE OF THE PUZZLE.

We need every piece to make the puzzle complete. We need YOU. We are kicking off our very IVF fundraiser. A puzzle fundraiser!! (How fun?!?!)


We have purchased a 500 piece puzzle to hang in the nursery. This particular puzzle speaks to me “Slow and steady… be patient… this nursery will be home to the newest little Goad. We will be “selling” each piece for $20.00. Your name will be written on each puzzle piece that your purchase. (It would be so cool to have a huge section with your name on it!) The puzzle will be framed with glass on both sides. When the puzzle is complete we will be able to flip it over and see all of your names as a reminder of those who made our IVF possible, a baby possible.

How it works…..

  1. Determine how many puzzle pieces you would like to purchase to help financially support our IVF fund.
  2. Click on the “Buy Now” button (at the bottom of the page if you are on mobile and on the side if you are on a desktop) to give securely through Paypal OR to donate by check, email us at operationlittlegoad@yahoo.com for our address to mail.

       3.     Watch the IVF puzzle come together on our blog and see your name appear and also keep up with our journey! We will build the puzzle as the pieces are purchased so you can see it all come together along with us! We will also announce and personally thank each donor on our blog!

    Thank you for taking the time to read our story as well as our request. If you feel the pull to donate, please know that our hearts are eternally grateful. If you share our story and our blog, Thank you, you are planting seeds (Pun intended lol) and we are equally as grateful.

    Kate Goad